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How Do Cargo Scanner Works?

Cargo Scanner plays a vital role in the scrutiny of import, export and security controls. It is most commonly used in Sea and land frontier for screening cargo flow security functions. It drives a portal vehicle security inspection system that applies dual-energy x-ray radiation imaging technology to acquire images of different density substances inside the vehicle.

Cargo Scanner

Magtech Cargo scanner is designed for scanning the loaded trucks/ vehicles/ containers and large-scale cargo. It can effectively use to identify the illicit hidden in the vehicle container etc. such as weapons, explosives, drugs, smuggled goods.

Cargo scanner has technology features of High efficiency, High accuracy, Intelligence, Safety, Auto cab avoidance, long time working and Flexibility. Real-time image processing and storage, network connection, 9 quadrants zoom, Black and white and Organic/inorganic imaging are unique features. Cargo scanner working process followed by License plate and Drivers face recognition through ANPR camera and then only Barrier gate will be opened.

Next, the vehicle is driven into the inspection channel. The scanning process of the container takes place through an X-ray generator machine when the driver cabin passes through the radiation area. When the vehicle tail has left the radiation area the x-ray will be offed automatically. The operator will check in the monitor through the scanned image for any abnormal phenomenon is placed inside the container. The vehicle could be left only after getting confirmation from the operator that there is no dangerous items have been placed inside the container.

Cargo Scanner Features:

• Fully automatic, cost-efficient, safe and authentic scanning technology.
• Used to scrutinize and spot goods in cargo containers.
• Outlined to prevent the illegal, hidden and undeclared goods in the vehicle.
• Mainly used in high-security areas.
• 100% safe for humans inside the vehicle while scanning.

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