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We offer ideal security solution to your premises and make it an invulnerable one.


Magtech Security Systems (P) Ltd. is one the leading security systems in India. We are pioneers in the field of Entrance Automations cum solution provider in the terms of Safety & Security

Magtech Security Systems is an Original Equipment Manufacturers Company in India (OEM)of wide range of entrance automation products, that are crafted Over a decade of experience, we have emerged as ‘One-window’ generation with the products that loud out on its Quality, Cost-Savings and Optimal solutions. By creating diverse of products we make our clients to experience the feel of being secured and safe. In addition to supply, we ensure ourselves that this society is given enough knowledge on Safety, proper guidelines, quality, unmatched prices and after-sales support and services.


Make your Premises an Invulnerable one with Magtech X-ray Baggage Scanner

X- Ray baggage scanner in India - Magtech group


Security Systems

To protect and monitor your surroundings round-the-clock.

Entrance Automation

Providing high-caliber design infused with advanced technology, to access the premises securely and safely.

Software Solutioms

Providing top notch software to maintain the database of employees and vehicles

Parking Management

RFID based Parking Management System is designed to efficiently manage the parking spaces effortlessly.


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Prevent your Premises entrance from Unauthorized entrants with Magtech High-Speed Barrier

speed-Barrier in India - Magtech group


Providing an independent advice and identifying the right security solutions for your premises. Services are sourced and procured based on solution specifications provided by our Highly talented team. Magtech Security Systems, security equipment in India has experience in handling your specifications and come up with a great solutions for your premises. Our team will work in International standard to make your premises safe and secure.


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We are a trusted security system company in India. Our team will work on your requirements and provide a top-notch security solutions for your premises. Magtech Security Systems is one of the well reputed OEM Company throughout India.

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