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Tripod Turnstile

Magtech tripod turnstile is a waist high access control system with three mechanical revolving arms. Tripod turnstiles allow only one person at a time with a set of rotating tripod barrier arms. These turnstile gates have traditionally been the most popular turnstile gate. It enables unauthorized entrants and prohibited substances to enter any secured premises. It helps to maintain the queue and find unauthorized access. Using this is the best choice for using in highly crowded places like sports stadiums, amusement parks, and university facilities. The tripod will rotate only when people insert /scan a ticket, ID cards, access card, etc. In some cases, it will work as paid access like in public transport, or it allows access to authorized people in corporate buildings.

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Tripod Turnstile
Dimension (mm)
420 x 330 x 980

1200 x 280 x 980
Weight (Kgs)
35 / 45
Working Temperature
-25° to 55°c
Passage Width
550 mm
Power Supply
110 - 220 V AC, 50hz
Duty Cycle
Power Consumption
30 Watts
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