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X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Baggage scanner is one of the standout security systems which helps to scan the luggage thoroughly. When you place luggage over the conveyor belt, the luggage takes inside the x-ray scanner and then shows the scanned image in the monitor with various colours like Blue for Non-organic, orange for organic, black for hazardous objects. It should be helpful in highly crowded areas, public and private sectors like Airports, Railway station, Factories, Defence areas (Military, Airforce, Navy), Prisons, Restaurants, Educational Institutions.

The Magtech scanner helps to find bootleg and hidden goods and it helps to find explosives, narcotics or weapons and other illegal items. According to your requirements, Magtech will design different models for your operational requirements to fit in the situation and satisfy your needs. Magtech completely takes care of installing Baggage scanners on your premises, it doesn’t matter the place or time.


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