X-ray Baggage Scanner

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Magtech X-Ray Baggage Scanner is one of the most important widely used security systems all over the world. A conveyor belt helps to carry the luggage from one tunnel to another tunnel. Luggage which passes through the X-ray machine can find detailed images of the particulars inside it. We can easily identify what object is placed or kept inside the luggage with the help of density. Harmful organic, inorganic and metal materials can be identified. Different materials absorb rays at different levels. Hazardous items can be spotted easily by looking at the mass density and the atomic number of the substances of the materials which pass through the scanner. 


The Magtech Baggage Scanner Nano cameras have also been inserted in Baggage machines for more securable purposes. The standard X-ray baggage scanner displays either black and white or basic coloured images only but, Magtech baggage scanners show different colours scanned images on the screen, as specified by the atomic number of the materials scanned. This allows the operator to easily distinguish the materials inside the baggage like as metals, plastic, liquid, etc. Each colour corresponds to a material category—orange means organic material (food, wood and paper), green is for high organic and light metals, blue is for high dense metals and black is for impenetrable. Indicator lights have been placed to identify the status of the scanner machine (Green in colour indicates power supply, Yellow colour indicates when a threat object is identified, Red colour indicates X-ray function). Emergency stop buttons have been placed on both ends of the X-ray baggage scanner.

It is highly applicable in places like Airports, Railway stations, Factories, Defense areas (Military, Airforce, Navy), Prisons, Restaurants, and Educational Institutions. Magtech X-ray baggage scanner has been certified by AERB for mechanical, electrical and radiation hazards. It comes up with high-quality features like Visual & audio alarms for threat detection, Image enhancement, Person to package linkage etc.

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X-ray Baggage

  • Ideal for High-Security Locations

  • Real-Time Scanning

  • Dual Camera System