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Flap Barrier

Magtech Flap Barrier is one of the primary products of automated entrance systems from our company. This flap barrier is incomparable with the traditional management model.  In traditional management, they check the passenger for passing, or tolling or counting the passenger. It requires a large amount of manpower and material, a large amount of work done with very low efficiency resulting from the traditional management model. However, with the help of the Magtech Flap barrier, these types of problems won’t occur, and everything will take note of itself when the person enters the premises. Magtech Flap barrier opens a new era for scientific management.

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Dimension (mm)
1200 x 300 x 980
Weight (Kgs)
Working Temperature
-25° to 55°c
Passage Width
Standard Lane 550 mm
Power Supply
220 V AC, 50hz
Duty Cycle
Power Consumption
40 Watts
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