High Speed Short Barrier

Smooth Operation with No Compromise in Security


Magtech’s advanced High Speed Short Barrier is an elegant addition with advanced technology to ensure the safety of people in your building who don’t need to restrict their freedom of movement. This High Speed Short Barrier gives a seamless experience to people which makes them move safely into the premises without any compromise in security. Our exclusive detection system accurately tracks the authorized entrants and effectively stops unauthorized entrants. Our High speed short barrier comes with sturdy material, eye catchy lighting effects and provides a Noiseless and smooth operation which is a perfect choice for places where limited space is available and gives importance to aesthetics, while still looking for a high level of security features. We highly recommend these State of art products in Corporate offices, Railway stations, Airports, Government buildings etc. 

Key Features:

  • Accurate Detection for Authorized Entrants Only
  • Noiseless and Smooth Barrier Operation Guaranteed
  • Ideal for Limited Space and Aesthetics
  • Flexibility to Experience Without Security Compromise
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High Speed Short Barrier

  • Ideal for High-Security Locations

  • Real-Time Scanning

  • Dual Camera System