Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection with an easy, secure solution

In today’s world, the threat is coming in many forms so we should be aware of everything. Magtech Under Vehicle Surveillance System proves to be one of the best trailblazing solutions. Our UVSS is a complete camera system that comes with hardware and software to scan the under part of vehicles. The lower part of the vehicle is the only area which can never be locked or sealed, so an under-vehicle scanning system is required for every premises who looking to upgrade its security to the next level.

Our Under Vehicle Surveillance System is a complete camera system combining hardware and software to scan the lower part of the vehicle that passes through the checkpoints. Our under vehicle scanning system is built with top-tier technology based on real-time scanning. The scanning system provides crystal clear scanned images of the vehicles using a dual camera system. 


The lower part of the vehicle is the only area that can be missed by security personnel, so a vehicle surveillance system is needed to fulfil it. This highly advanced AI-based solution can easily inspect the lower part of all kinds of vehicles, like cars, trucks etc. This is the best solution for government offices, airports, defence areas and places where vehicle inspection is highly recommended for acquiring a safe environment.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System camera scans without any physical device to detect dangerous objects, also UVSS will provide more accurate images to security guards. It works all night and day in inspecting vehicles and provides a clear scanned image. The highly advanced security system camera comes with user-friendly software which scans and shares clear images so the concerned personnel can check the images for contraband objects. The under vehicle inspection system provides images without any contortion even when the vehicle stops over the UVSS.

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Under Vehicle

  • Ideal for High-Security Locations

  • Real-Time Scanning

  • Dual Camera System