ANPR Boom Barrier

Upgrade your premises with a new smart boom barrier solution


Magtech Boom barrier is mainly known as a Gate barrier for vehicles and persons entering the environment. The arm can be in a bar type that rises in a vertical standing with a meter of 3m – 6m. Pictogram LED indicators (Green & Red) are placed to indicate the status of the barrier. With ANPR integration, vehicles can be identified and given access automatically based on their vehicle’s number plate information. This stops the need for manual verification, facilitating entry systems and improving security. After ANPR scanning, the vehicle number is displayed on a digital screen.


The ANPR Boom Barriers are specifically designed to process images captured by ANPR cameras, extract license plate information, and perform optical character recognition (OCR) to identify the alphanumeric characters on the plates. Implementation of technology innovated Boom barrier with ANPR camera which is a parking solution and RFID tag. Boom barriers can be divided into hydro-electromechanical, manual and automated boom barriers. It is designed under a robust stainless steel structure and is adaptive for continued use. Magtech Boom Barrier provides entry security at the entry and exit points of factories, warehouses, corporate offices, residential apartments, parking lots, toll plazas and more. Magtech ANPR Boom Barrier can help to heighten your security to the next level.


    Key Features:

    • Automatic vehicle identification
    • Real-time monitoring capabilities
    • Clear number plate recognition
    • Seamless entry control