Get A Highly Secure Solution With The Ultimate Road Blocker

Magtech Hyblock is an advanced road blocker designed to prevent for unauthorized vehicle entry it will be a security stop. It includes an integrated boom barrier. If a vehicle hits the boom barrier’s arm, the road blocker will automatically raise up, potentially causing damage to the vehicle.

The drive unit operates using electron-hydraulic technology, with an external hydraulic station and controller. Under normal conditions, the rising and descending time typically ranges from 3 to 5 seconds. However, in emergencies, this time can be reduced to as low as 2 seconds by adding a hydraulic accumulator and the optional EPO system. Its shallow-mounted design limits basement compartment depth, minimizing trouble to public services. Additionally, it can be ground-mounted using a slope. 

HYBLOCK is an ideal choice for high-security locations including military areas, embassies, government offices, and more. Also, Magtech provides Security Bollards, which are designed to be secure and give invulnerable security as well as give us access control.


Key Features:

  •  Dual oil cylinder with high stability and reliability
  •  Operational under power failure control.
  •  Multi-directional Impact Security.
  •  Flexibility to interface with all forms of access conditions