How do X-Ray baggage Scanner work?

Security is a vital factor in Airports, Railway stations, Shopping malls, and other public places. The security process is designed to protect us, the people. It is critical to the safety of all who are traveling, enjoying a good day out with family is to get checked by scanners to ensure compliance with restrictions. X-ray baggage scanners work by using a small dose of X-rays to light up the articles for inspection, inbuilt computers will analyze the transmitted rays and analyze the properties inside the luggage. The image on the display is a computerized image that highlights the dangerous items (differentiated by color).

The ray from the X-ray baggage scanner is not harmful to digital products and food products, but it is harmful to the human body. If human tissue is exposed to those rays then irreversible skin issues will occur. The X-ray baggage scanner body and lead curtain can make sure that the X-ray leaks occur as small as possible.


How Do Scanners Work?

If you have ever wondered how x-ray baggage scanners work, Backscatter X-rays are designed to show hidden objects beneath clothing or luggage. They can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects, ranging from guns to foods and plastics. Some airports no longer use backscatter scanners because they’re considered a privacy invasion, but they remain in use at major US, UK, and European airports. In Magtech Group, we use 3d X-rays which shows the crisp and clear image in the monitor and helps the security guard to check the baggage in detail.

At each entrance to the premises, this X-ray baggage scanner will be present. When the person enters the premises, the luggage and bags are placed on the security instrument, transmitted through the conveyor belt, and subjected to X-ray inspection. If the x-ray baggage scanner notices any suspected dangerous item, the security in charge will inspect the baggage in detail. Normally the complete x-ray baggage scanner security check gets completed within five seconds.

Baggage Scanners are built to capture the detailed images inside your luggage, which makes many of us think “how do x-ray baggage scanners detect products in luggage?” While X-ray inspection, items in baggage will be displayed on the monitor of the x-ray baggage scanner, and the products will show up in yellow, green, black on the monitor. Magtech’s X-Ray baggage scanner will display 8 color images. Flammable objects, toxic substances, radioactive materials, ammunition, knives, etc. are strictly prohibited from entering the Airport, Railway station, and public places. Those objects will be confiscated once security is found while checking the luggage. Not only the above-mentioned items, if you carry any sharp and blunt object then security personnel will confiscate them. 

Now you can see how X-ray baggage scanners work and it shows how helpful it is for your premises. It helps to prevent the threat very early at the entrance of the premises. Magtech group, X-ray baggage scanner in India will help you to manufacture and install X-ray baggage scanners, boom barrier, and door frame metal detector for your premises and we assist you to upgrade our security to the next level.