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The High-Speed barrier is a functional addition with advanced technology to increasing security levels in your premises. Magtech High Speed Barrier makes people move safely into the premises with our latest technology. High Speed barriers makes people to experience next-gen speed and security and it is becoming more popular in work and public spaces that help to keep the place safe and secure. Our High Speed Barrier presented in Public and private sector offices, Gym, Educational institutions, etc. Magtech High-Speed Barrier offers support to security personnel for authorized entrances to secured areas. The installation process of the High Speed barrier takes less amount of time and manpower. Our trailblazing technology will provide advanced security to your premises.

Dimension (mm)
1454 x 180 x 1000
Weight (Kgs)
Working Temperature
-25° to 55°c
Passage Width
Standard Lane 600 mm

Wide lane 900 mm
Power Supply
110 - 220 V AC, 50hz
Duty Cycle
Power Consumption
150 Watts
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