Fencing Barrier


Our certified automatic fencing barrier with a fence arm is used in commercial and residential places. This is the ideal security system for controlling and restricting unwanted entries in secured premises. These fencing barriers operated through the power supply and, we can operate them manually in case of power failure. It can work as an advanced boom barrier to restrict entry and manage to park.

This boom barrier design can fit perfectly into any location and look wise it is elegant, simple and eco friendly. Eye-catching LED lights on the body to indicate the functioning, adds the look. Fences are made of aluminium covered with enforced wood so, they will be less in weight and corrosion-resistant.

It is best for managing the heavy flow of traffic for outsider entry. This advanced Fencing barrier will automatically go back when it touches the obstacles while the fence is lifting and dropping.

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Fencing Barrier

  • Ensuring comprehensive entrance restriction

  • Effective Traffic Management

  • Rrepresent an advanced alternative to traditional fences