Under Vehicle Surveillance Robot

ROBOSCAN THE ROBOT is Privilege of security by Magtech

ROBOSCAN by Magtech is an innovative robot vehicle surveillance system intended to suit the needs of numerous businesses requiring security checks. Magtech’s ROBOSCAN (an Advanced Under Vehicle Surveillance System) is equipped with several characteristics that set it apart from other surveillance systems on the market.

ROBOSCAN  has front-end scanning and top-mounted cameras for multi-view reconnaissance. The top view scanning camera module is capable of capturing scanning images with a resolution of 4K pixels, resulting in high-quality photos. The robot also has a 2-way HD surveillance camera module that can capture clear and detailed footage.

The controllable LED fill light feature of ROBOSCAN is designed to provide auto-sensing and auto-switching lightning that is configured with the front, roof, and side of the car in different directions. The robot’s compact shape allows it to operate in narrow and low spaces, giving it freedom of movement. Its fast travelling speed and high efficiency make it ideal for large areas and low areas of rapid inspection. It can be applied to explosive searches at the detonation site, under vehicle detection, hazardous area detection, and much more.

Roboscan is equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System that provides a secure case to load the robot equipment, operating tablet, and charger.

Roboscan is a finest Under vehicle surveillance system that robot can be transmitted wirelessly, and the system includes wireless image, and control communication links. The robot’s Number Plate Recognition feature can operate it, making it easy to use.

Magtech’s Roboscan is ideal for security inspections at government buildings, courthouses, public security checkpoints, concerts, large-scale conferences, and other locations. Roboscan is a must-have for every industry that requires quick and fast security checks, due to its comprehensive features and high-quality performance.

The following are some of the primary characteristics of Magtech’s ROBOSCAN:

  • 1. Multi-view reconnaissance with front-end scanning and top cameras.
  • A top-view scanning camera with a 4K resolution for high-quality photographs.
  •  A two-way HD surveillance camera module provides clear and detailed footage.
  • Controllable LED fill light with auto-sensing and switching functionality.
  • Compact design for use in tight and low spaces.
  • High efficiency and fast travel speed for quick inspection.
  •  Anti-Lock Braking System for safe loading of items.
  • Wireless image, video, and control link transmission.
  • A number plate recognition feature for convenience.

ROBOSCAN is versatile and robust for security checks in several industries through these capabilities. ROBOSCAN is a great asset for improving security measures due to its capacity to function in a variety of contexts and deliver high-quality monitoring.


Roboscan - Under Vehicle Surveillance System