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Security Bollards

A bollard is a short and solid post used to create a protective base around your premises. When you install these bollards they will be guiding traffic and mark boundaries around your premises. These Bollards come up in various shapes and styles to stand out in design and best in protection. Primarily constructing Bollards is for protecting the surrounding by vehicle incursion. These security bollards may have some decorative elements to complement the landscape, but their primary use of a security bollard is resistance to impact force by vehicle. Bollards are mostly made from any material by checking out the requirements of the premises, but the common materials for the security bollards are Stone, Plastic, Metal, or Cement.

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Dimension (mm)
1200 x 350
Weight (Kgs)
35 / 45
Working Temperature
-25° to 55°c
Bearing Load (in Tons)
Operating Power
24 V DC
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