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AT100100D X-Ray Baggage Scanner

AT100100D X-ray baggage scanner is one of the X-ray baggage scanner model of Magtech which helps to scan the luggage thoroughly. When you place luggage over the conveyor belt, the luggage takes inside the x-ray scanner and then shows the scanned image in the monitor with various colours like Blue for Non-organic, orange for organic, black for hazardous objects. This x-ray baggage scanner is big in size so it should be helpful to check cargos and suitable for places like Airports, Railway station, Factories, Defence areas (Military, Airforce, Navy), Prisons.

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X-ray Baggage Scanner – AT100100D
Dimension (mm)
4835 x 1295 x 1916.5
Weight (Kgs)
Working Temperature
-25° to 55°c
Tunnel Size (mm)
1011 x 1006.5
Power Supply
230 V AC, 50hz
Power Consumption
1.0 KVA
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