How Do Dangerous Liquid Scanner Works?

Whenever we go to the Airport, Railway station, we come across this device that checks the liquid we carry in our bags. This instrument looks like a small torch that keeps on the bottle and checks whether they carry any dangerous liquids inside the premises. Why is this instrument so astonishing, and what it’s the working principle?

This instrument is called a Liquid scanner. This scanner helps to find flammable and explosive liquids like gasoline, acid, ethanol, and this scanner will distinguish the flammable liquid from safe liquids like water, juice, etc. without direct contact with the liquid. When we run the test with the detector, the results won’t affect even if the container size is independent and the gap between the liquid and detector. People may think that normally scanners run with the help of radioactive materials but, Magtech Liquid Scanner comes with Zero Radioactive Source inside the scanner.

The liquid Scanner working principle is simple and works the same as a Hand-held metal detector. The scanner will be placed on the container and press the button for scanning purposes. If the scanner shows Green light then the container consists of safe liquids, but the liquid scanner shows red light once you place it on the container. The liquid scanner gives an alarm sound too so security personnel can confirm that a passenger is carrying a dangerous and flammable liquid.

The advantages of the liquid scanner are: it comes with a small size so security personnel can handle it easily, scanner results come in seconds so passengers don’t want to wait for a long time, the liquid scanner will analyze the liquid by placing it on the container so passengers don’t want to show it by opening the container. Nowadays, threats come in many forms so, having a Magtech Liquid scanner will be additional security for your premise. Contact us and get to know about the security systems for your commercial places and it’s benefits.