How do Door Frame Metal Detectors work?

Anyone who went to Airports, Railway stations, Government offices, Malls, Theatres, Events would have walked through this security equipment to show security that they did not carry any metal objects with them. This security equipment is called “Door Frame Metal Detector”. This security equipment helps security guards to check whether people carry any metal or hazardous object with them when they enter into the premises. Metal Detectors are safe and effective like Baggage scanners, CCTV Cameras.

Door frame metal detector use pulse induction technology. This Pulse Induction technology transmits powerful, short bursts of current through the coil of wire. The pulse generates a short magnetic field. When a piece of metal crosses through this magnetic field, a reflected magnetic field will emerge and this magnetic field will react with the receiver coil, which initiates the alarm in the door frame metal detector.  This process will happen in a few microseconds. This current is called reflected pulse and it lasts only about 30 microseconds.


Normally PI-based metal detectors send around 100 pulses per second, yet the number may vary for different manufacturers and different models, it starts around 25 pulses to more than 1,000 pulses per second. The door frame metal detectors create magnetic fields that cover the entire space inside the metal detector. If an individual crosses through the metal detector and sets off the alert, airport security is educated that this individual might actually be having some hazardous, metal-based weapon, like a blade or a firearm inside his bag, and further examination is directed. 

Latest metal detectors are upgraded a lot by having multiple zones that not only triggers an alarm but also can locate hidden metal objects. The multi-zone door frame metal detectors contain multiple magnetic coils that create a separate detection zone. They can detect multiple objects at once, and display all the areas where they are hidden. Latest door frame metal detectors are available in up to 33 zones. There are alarm lights on the side of the metal detector making it much easier for the security guards to find the place of an object where it is hidden. 

The latest door frame metal detectors include multiple detection zone detectors allowing them to check out the metal location causing the alarm. This version has proven to be a safe and effective method for maintaining security.

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