How does a Tripod Turnstile work?

Tripod turnstile is different from other automation products. It has arms that work in two-directional movements with the help of a sensor is used in indoor environment premises. It also helps to prevent unauthorized entry. It can integrated with card, fingerprint, reader and scanner access. Tripod arms will freely rotate only when a person has authorized access. One of the Tripod Turnstile features is, it will be upstand for the waist height of a person to pass one at a time. Tripod arms will be in a locked position automatically and they will rotate only with the help of access. It provides both security and convenient space in a compact design.

Tripod turnstile mostly installed in Government and corporate sectors, schools, Airports, Railway stations, colleges and public places. Magtech Tripod comes in three types (Vertical, P-type and bridge type). It is best for high gathering public areas for controlling and allowing one by one person.

Benefits of Tripod Turnstile

  • Serves as a visible deterrent against possible infiltration.
  • Assisting in managing the flow of people.
  • Creates a balance between being welcome and secure.
  • Ability to control the number and direction of people passing through the entrance.
  • Robust and long-term solution.
  • Integration with any access solution can be done.

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