How Hand Held Metal Detectors Work?

We see Handheld metal detectors most commonly at airports, courts, malls, prisons, and Defence bases. Handheld metal detectors, also called security wands are used with the walk-through metal detectors; the handheld metal detectors are used for a detailed checkup when the walk-through detector triggers while a person is crossing through the passage.

Metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to detect the metallic objects inside the person’s dress. Handheld metal detectors consist of two parts, a transmitter coil that creates the electromagnetic field and a receiver coil that observes electromagnetism. An electromagnetic field will be generated around the transmitter coil which goes around 20cm from the handheld metal detector. When the metal detector is searching over a subject’s body, if the hidden metal object falls into the generated electromagnetic field then it will trigger an alert for the operator.

Magtech’s handheld metal detectors provide multiple alarm indicators, visual LEDs, selectable alarms, and vibration. Our handheld metal detectors are lightweight, handy in design, and come with a standard 9v battery that will provide continuous operation for a long time.


People Scanning with Hand Held Metal Detectors

Hand-held metal detectors are now easily affordable so the usage of the detectors has increased at various places to improve security. Staff at Night-club, outdoor music events, and sports stadiums are also using metal detectors to improve their security. Top-quality handheld metal detectors will reveal small knives and weapons, drugs wrapped in foil, and other covered metallic objects.

It’s important to understand that handheld metal detectors are motion detectors, which means that the alarm won’t trigger if the detector is held steady. The security guard must be moving the scanner all over the body for any metal objects to be detected. It is the movement of the electromagnetic field that induces covered metal objects. So if the device is held steady then the hidden metal objects will not reveal in the metal detector.

Remember that checking people with the metal detector for weapons using a handheld metal detector requires no body contact. The security guard uses the metal detector by passing over the outside of the person’s clothing, close to their body, without touching them.

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