How does Terahertz Body Scanner Works?

In today’s world, threats can enter a place in any form no matter if it’s a solid or liquid or gas state. We came up with a unique innovative security scanning solution with Terahertz imaging technology. Terahertz refers to electromagnetic waves with a wavelength between infrared and microwave. This produces less ion radiation than a cellphone, so it is considered safe for humans and detects things accurately.

Magtech Terahertz Body Scanner is an advanced visualized human body security check equipment utilizing terahertz imaging technology. The terahertz technology can penetrate through dielectric materials like clothes. By passively receiving the terahertz waves from the human body and with data processing, a 2D terahertz intensity will be generated. When the forbidden objects are concealed under the clothes, contrasts are displayed at the corresponding locations on the intensity map due to the different absorbability of the objects to terahertz waves, thus the existence and shapes of the objects are identified. Our Terahertz Body Scanner can scan and detect up to 8 mts so you can stop the threat at the entrance of the premises before it’s too late.


Safe, free-contact: The world-leading passive terahertz technology to receive the terahertz waves emitted by the human body, is entirely non-radiative and harmless for humans. Unlike x-ray human body screening technology and active millimetre waves, it is 100% safe.

Intelligent: Automatically identify the prohibited items concealed under clothing.

Efficient, high throughput: Capable of high throughput of over 1500 people per hour. 

Comprehensive, real-time imaging: With full-body screening, it can see the size, shape and location of both metallic and non-metallic items concealed in clothing, instead of the original walk-through metal detector which detects only metals.

More Courteous: No manually scanning is needed, no human anatomical details will be revealed, their privacy is completely protected.

Our Terra Scanner offers advanced features like top-quality scanned images, a user-friendly interface, etc. This new Terahertz body scanner is best for multiple application areas with high throughput rates, such as:

  • Airport Checkpoints
  • Military Area
  • VIP locations
  • Highly Confidential buildings
  • Power plants

And many other places where threats need to be completely eradicated before they enter the premises.

Having such a modernized security solution will take the security of your premises to the next level. We are here to make you and your surroundings threat free 24/7, and we create the utmost solution for that. Contact us to know more about our latest security solution.



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