What is Tyre Killer and How does it work?

Securing your driveway entrance makes your premises more secured. Being the leading security systems company in India, we provide tailor-made security systems for our clients and, now we are going to see about the Tyre killer and its working principle.

Tyre killers also known as Spike Barriers, is an electro-hydraulic operating system that placed on the ground level, prevents unauthorized vehicles at entry/exit points of any premises. Tyre killer gives potential duty by spikes rising from the ground with remote control access. This system essentially works like an entrance control system that can stop any unauthorized vehicle from entering a particular region.

Tyre killer is designed after broad exploration and testing and is great for laying out at the entrance of buildings that require tight security against vehicle assaults. It prevents the entrance and exit of unapproved vehicles from the premises. It tends to be integrated with road safety systems like a boom barrier to accomplishing an entrance control check-point at the most significant level of safety.

Tyre killer spikes are worked by a hydraulic-driven chamber with heavy speed. The spikes are raised either consequently or physically with an access remote control. The raising time of spikes takes approximately 2 seconds. In case of any power failure, operate the Tyre killer in manual mode. These spikes securely fit inside a lockable steel compartment.

The power driving device is integrated with a motor and a trigger device, which are installed in the electric control box toward one side. If any unauthorized vehicle tries to barge in the driveway entrance, security personnel can press the remote control access to activate the tyre killer. While being used, the machine drives the shaft to pivot to raise the spike of tyre killer around 45 degrees starting from the ground to stop the unauthorized vehicles into the premises.    

This Tyre Killer was planned and created utilizing advanced technologies and made from excellent quality materials. This can be a great resource for large hotels, military destinations, and other highly confidential places. It has the capability of penetrating any vehicle tyre.

Now you can see how tyre killer works and how valuable it will be for your premises. Just contact us to know more about the tyre killer and other security systems which makes your premises a secured one.