Chasescan 3D

Know the Leading the Way in Undercarriage Security Solutions

In the current period of instantaneous growth, various types of security products emerging founded on technology. but we need ideal solution from Intruder Identification. Accordingly, magtech’s Chasescan 3D (3D UVSS) is ideal for your job sites. With its ability to provide simultaneous dual-view scanning of the vehicle undercarriage, 3D under vehicle surveillance system that makes it possible to thoroughly investigate the frame and the upper end of the exhaust pipe for any hidden objects. Irrespective of the vehicle’s speed, the area scanning technology automatically determines the movement of the vehicle, guaranteeing consistent image quality. The imaging outcomes won’t be affected, even if a car briefly operates the scanner.

For an extended period, the 3D UVSS has been an essential part of security protocols at border crossings, government buildings, airports, and military installations. Nowadays, the conventional technological landscape is experiencing a fundamental transition in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of security concerns. In addition to capturing the outlines and forms of a car’s underbelly, Chasescan 3D – Under vehicle surveillance system provides incredibly clear identification of any hidden objects or irregularities. Innovative, effective security solutions are becoming more and more essential as security threats become more complicated. The need for this technology led to the creation of 3D UVSS, which adds a third dimension to the inspection process and makes it possible to thoroughly check the exhaust pipe’s top end and frame for any hidden hazards.

Key features:

• 3D offers simultaneous dual-view scanning of the vehicle undercarriage
• Employs high-resolution cameras for detailed imaging of the under-vehicle.
• Third dimension to the inspection process, allowing for a more thorough examination of the undercarriage.
• ANPR Camera captures and recognizes license plate information.