Chasescan - AI

Autonomous Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Today’s world vehicle security and effective traffic control are critical issues in today’s fast-paced environment. Our Chasescan AI is Ai Based UVSS meets these objectives by ensuring continuous vehicle flow and thorough inspections. We use cutting-edge equipment to record detailed 4K high-resolution coloring images, ensuring thorough identification through license plate recognition integration. Our Under vehicle surveillance system’s versatility, which is built on a large vehicle database, allows us to give a versatile solution suitable for a variety of transportation modalities. Experience increased safety as our technology detects potential hazards to the environment and takes preventive measures.

Key Features:

  • AI technology detects threats, highlights hazards instantly

  • Uninterrupted and smooth vehicle passage

  • 4K high resolution color images
  • Able to train algorithm based on vehicle database
  • License Plate Recognition Integration
  • Alerts to potential environmental hazards
  • Versatile for different transportation modes.

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