Chasescan - AS

Enhances the inspection of objects under the vehicle with 2D UVSS


Magtech Chasescan AS is an Under Vehicle Surveillance System designed for use in High-security entrance automation. This UVSS system is incorporated with hardware and software solutions that assist in inspecting the underbody of the vehicle passing over the embedded screening unit.

Chasescan AS has acquired its identity with an area scan camera integrated with an ANPR Camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and Face Capture Cameras (Driver face camera) Also, the Area Scan Camera, with its wide range and detailed imaging, ensures a thorough examination of the under-chassis, enhancing the precision of threat detection.

Our Chasescan AS – UVSS is easier to install and delivers a highly secure under vehicle inspection system for approach access to banks, military camps, airports, docks, embassies, government sectors and more. The ANPR system captures the vehicle’s number plate, while the Face Capture Camera records the driver’s face precisely at the moment of entry into the scanning facility. This integrated approach supports security protocols, making Chasescan AS an indispensable solution for critical locations.

Key Features:

Easier to Install Due to Terrain Design

The scanned images can be stored, retrieved, and compared as needed.

Wide view, applied to a variety of vehicles

Time to show and save the image after screening: <1 sec respectively.