Chasescan - LS

Optimize Security Measures with Our Under Vehicle Surveillance System


Under Vehicle Surveillance System, it integrates cutting-edge hardware and software to provide a complete solution for scanning vehicle undercarriages and technology to provide an unparalleled level of risk detection. A detailed inspection of the undercarriage is performed as vehicles move over the embedded UVSS scanning unit, which is equipped with the cutting-edge Line Scan Camera. High-resolution images captured by the Chasescan LS provide remarkable clarity to detect any modifications or potential threats.

The integration of Chasescan LS with Face Capturing Cameras and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) ensures an extensive security method, which is what makes it unique. With its rapidity and precision, the Line Scanning Camera works precisely to offer quick and precise identification. The face capture camera records the image of the vehicle, and the ANPR system takes an image of the license plate.

Key Features:

  •  High-resolution digital Line Scan, dynamic scanning
  •  No need to stop the vehicle, speed shall be less than 100Km/Hr
  •  Wide vision, applied to a variety of vehicles
  •  Ingress Protection IP68, Anti-seismic