Vehicle Radiation Monitoring System

Magtech Vehicle Radiation Monitoring System is a drive-through radiation monitoring system that detects Gamma and neutrons in cars, vans and small trucks. The automatic scanning process allows for max throughput places like ports, borders and high-security checkpoints.

The System comes with 2 large detector pillars. The two detector pillars are placed parallel to the passage where the vehicle is going to pass. This system automatically scans and detects the presence of radioactive material being transported in vehicles if the preset levels surpass.

The barriers are provided for the detectors to protect the monitor from being damaged by vehicles. The vehicle speed should be less than 4 kmph, and the vehicle should not stop while passing through the detector. 


  • Effective design
  • Automated adjustment of levels according to changes in the natural radiation environment
  • High dependability and comes with a self-check function
  • High Backup power source
  • Can be able to add CCTV connectivity